Life as an Expat

Last week as I was sitting in my bra and underwear at the dermatologist’s office after being told to take my clothes off and wait for the doctor I started reflecting on how crazy our last two years has been and what has become normal to me that at first was so bizarre. Like sitting without any clothes on waiting for the doctor. Usually the doctor will be the one to tell you to take your clothes off while they are in the room no matter if you are at the gyno, dermatologist or your GP. While at first I was a bit shocked even though friends had warned me about the “process” I have now become used to it. While it is less awkward, I still get nervous on the drive and am usually in a full sweat by the time I am parked and walking in to the office. I’m sure the doctors are wondering “what the hell is wrong with her”! So many things we have experienced have pushed me way outside of my comfort zone and most I can laugh about at this point….well depending on the day.

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The Magic of the Christmas Market Season

December 2019

The Christmas Markets in Europe capture the magic of Christmas like nothing else. There is pure sweetness and joy that is felt getting together with your family and friends, drinking Glühwein, listening to music and strolling the booths of homemade ornaments and goodies in the fairy tale like settings. It slows the season down and is a great reminder of what is truly important during the special time. There are a lot of things that Europeans do well and the Christmas Markets are something that they do with perfection. As an American, Christmas for me had become simultaneous with craziness. A mad rush of gift buying, more gift buying, stressing over gift buying and then feeling guilty over not enough gift buying. Needless to say, I had lost the magic of the season in my heart. Wandering the Christmas Markets here I feel like a child feeling the joy of Christmas for the first time. This past Christmas was even more special because I was able to share the markets with my Mom and Sister who were visiting from the States. Below is a list of the different markets that we visited: Erlangen, Nuremberg, Vienna, Regensburg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

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