Catching Rays in Barcelona & Waves in Biarritz

April 2019

Friends invited us to join them and a group of around twenty on a surf trip to Biarritz, France. The group ranged from beginners to professionals with us definitely falling on the way beginner side. Always up for adventure (even though surfing in the Atlantic in April sounded super cold to me) we were excited to join for a guaranteed fun week of great food and friends. With two weeks to play with for the boys’ spring break, we decided to start the trip with a stop in Barcelona to fill up on plenty of sangria and sunshine making our way to Biarritz via Bilbao.

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Road Trippin’ through France & Italy

July 2020

We usually spend our summers back in the States. We visit family, catch up with friends and reconnect to our roots. When coronavirus hit and everything starting shutting down we realized that would not be a reality for us this year. The idea of not going home was a heavy thought. It’s hard being away from family and we all look forward to our time together. Within a couple of weeks of cancelling our tickets, the news broke that the European Union borders were planning on opening on June 15th. Best news ever…Summer 2020 might be ok after all. While we wouldn’t be able to go home, we had the opportunity to explore new parts of Europe and spend time with our boys which is becoming more and more precious the older they get. I threw myself into planning mode and within a couple of days had booked a two week road trip adventure through France and Italy crossing my fingers that the borders would stay open and we would all survive two weeks on the road together. Our adventure took us through Beaune, Sainte-Maxime, Castellane and the Gorges du Verdon in France and then back up through Italy stopping at Lake Como.

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