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New York JFK on our way to Singapore 2015

Our family travels. A lot. It’s not always pretty, the boys aren’t always thrilled about seeing another castle or cathedral and there is at least always one family feud each trip. With all of the inevitable challenges, our adventures are still guaranteed time spent seeing new things, experiencing new cultures, eating new food, meeting new people and most importantly spending time together. Our hope is that for each new city and country we visit and our time spent living as expats, we all grow a little and the boys learn the importance of being global citizens respecting our world and all of the different people we share it with. My goal with this online journal is to keep track of all of our trips and share tips and treasures we find along the way. Enjoy!

Catching Rays in Barcelona & Waves in Biarritz

April 2019 Friends invited us to join them and a group of around twenty on a surf trip to Biarritz, France. The group ranged from beginners to professionals with us definitely falling on the way beginner side. Always up for adventure (even though surfing in the Atlantic in April sounded super cold to me) we… Continue reading →

On the Road with Mom & Dad

May 2019 My parents came for a visit and there is nothing I love more than visitors and planning a good solid road trip. We decide to focus our travels on Germany and Austria and the following places: Bamberg, Salzburg, Garmisch-Partkenkirchen and a short stop in Munich on the way home to tour Dachau.

Starnberger See is a Must See

July 2020 Starnberger See is a gorgeous lake about thirty minutes south of Munich surrounded by charming towns, hiking trails and views of the Bavarian Alps. It is full of history being home to the Possenhofen Castle where Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi) spent her childhood summers and well as where her cousin King Ludwig… Continue reading →

Beautiful Baden-Baden

September 2020 A friend sent a text asking if I would be up for a girls’ weekend away. Not even knowing where or when we were going I responded back with an almost immediate “absolutely”. Luckily Scott is super chill about me leaving for the weekend and the boys all love their “dude weekend” time… Continue reading →

Road Trippin’ through France & Italy

July 2020 We usually spend our summers back in the States. We visit family, catch up with friends and reconnect to our roots. When coronavirus hit and everything starting shutting down we realized that would not be a reality for us this year. The idea of not going home was a heavy thought. It’s hard… Continue reading →

Life as an Expat

Last week as I was sitting in my bra and underwear at the dermatologist’s office after being told to take my clothes off and wait for the doctor I started reflecting on how crazy our last two years has been and what has become normal to me that at first was so bizarre. Like sitting… Continue reading →

Three days in Amsterdam

May 2019 Two of my best girlfriends were visiting me for a little over a week and we decided to kick off our adventure in Amsterdam. KLM runs a great flight from Nuremberg direct to Amsterdam that leaves at 6:00AM (ok that’s not the great part) landing at 7:20 in Amsterdam in time for breakfast.… Continue reading →

Sunny Summer Days in Croatia

August 2019 After a whirlwind visit back to the States we decided to spend the last days of our summer break in sunny Croatia. We packed the car and took off for the Munich airport ready for some sunshine and the salt of the Adriatic Sea. The flight from Munich to Split is a quick… Continue reading →

Slovenia is now in my Soul

October 2019 Whenever we travel I always wonder what makes a trip or place special? Is it the timing, the people you share it with and meet along the way, the beauty of the country? For Slovenia it was all of these things and I fell deeply in love and felt an immediate sense of… Continue reading →

The Magic of the Christmas Market Season

December 2019 The Christmas Markets in Europe capture the magic of Christmas like nothing else. There is pure sweetness and joy that is felt getting together with your family and friends, drinking Glühwein, listening to music and strolling the booths of homemade ornaments and goodies in the fairy tale like settings. It slows the season… Continue reading →

Let’s Learn to Snowboard

December 2019: Three days after we got home from Dubai Scott says to me “I think we should all learn to snowboard this weekend”. Scott doesn’t sit well and that will become pretty obvious throughout all of my posts. Really, learn to snowboard? I can barely ski with any dignity. Half of the time I… Continue reading →

Christmas in Dubai

December 2019 Christmas last year we decided a little sunshine would be nice so we booked a trip to Dubai. Finding sun and warmth in the Winter close to Europe isn’t as easy as booking a trip to Mexico or Dominican Republic as we are used to doing as North Americans. Dubai seemed like an… Continue reading →

Fasching Ski week in Austria

February, 2020: One thing we love about living in Europe is the accessibility to skiing. Not just skiing, but great skiing. I have to admit that the great skiing part really doesn’t matter a whole lot to me because I am more of a “I ski for après-ski kinda gal”. I do love being in… Continue reading →